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We’re looking for freelance writers who can contribute 1-5 articles per week on a regular basis.

$15-$25 per 1000 words – The price can be higher, depending on your experience and the quality of the articles.
If you want to be a freelancer for us, email us: contact@smtaste.com


  1. Writers truly found themselves suited to writing on this topic, and had a culture of discipline, and passion. – I believe that to be successful in this field, you need to be really passionate!
  2. We are looking for writers to work on this long term project, so we want to find people who can join us in the long run.
  3. Provide at least 1-3 articles / week, each article about 500 to 1500 words.
  4. Priority is given to writers who have experience writing articles for affiliate sites, have written about chastity, adult toys, sexual health news niche sites, have experience writing standard SEO articles.
    -You don’t have to have tons of experience in writing to apply. New writers who are willing to learn are welcome to apply as well.

Bonus points

  1. Adult Toys Especially for Chastity Devices Toys
  2. Sexual health or Sissy Guide
    -To write for us, you must be able to do proper research. This is not SEO type content. All artickes must be well researched and useful to your readers.
    -Writers will be provided with training in the required writing formats. We expect you to learn quickly and produce posts that require minimal editing.

-After the first 3 articles, if the article does not meet the standards, we will end the cooperation soon to save time for both parties.
-We are allowed to refuse to take and don’t make payment for completely disqualified articles, plagiarism articles.
-We apologize in advance if you did not receive our response. Due to the large number of applicants, we can only reply to writers we think suitable.

Payment methord
-Usually paid by Paypal.
-After we get your article, and we will check it. If all is ok, we will notify you within 24 hours and pay you within 3 days.
-After we trust each other and have a long term cooperation, we will pay as agreed.
-We can also pay via some freelancer platform.
-Detailed cooperation please contact us: contact@smtaste.com

We aspire to work with writers who are extremely creative, inspiring in their work, truly passionate and have a good culture of discipline.
Once again, we hope to find the right people for the ride, email us directly if you find yourself a good fit for the job.
The fit will make our journey more convenient for both sides.