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Ways to Handle Sex Dolls AQ31201

Ways to Handle Sex Dolls

Some ways to handle a sex doll!

Wondering how to dispose of a sex doll? Well, I am planning to appear you 5 distinctive ways to break away from a sex doll.
Plus, I’ll give you creative ways to gift, donate, and sell your used sex doll. That way, you’ll conceivably recover a few of your venture, or make cash toward buying a unused sex doll.

Ways to Handle Sex Dolls-How to Dispose of a Sex Doll in a Nutshell

  • 1.There are numerous reasons why somebody would ought to dispose of a sex doll. That incorporates buying a unused one, age, and disrepair.
  • 2.The great news is, there are numerous ways to handle a sex doll, a few of which can make a small cash.For occasion, offering the doll through and through to a individual or a business.
  • 3.Also, a sex doll can be given to a trade, school, or community exhibition hall for different reasons. And on the off chance that the put to which you give could be a non-profit, your gift may be tax-deductible.
  • 4.Recycling is another great way to get rid of a sex doll since both silicone and TPE are recyclable. Also, the outline can be sold as scrap metal.
  • 5.There are a few ways to prepare a sex doll before his/her disposal, depending on which thought you use.
  • 6.For as numerous ways as there are to break away from a sex doll, you should never burn, toss one within the trash unbagged, or dump one in a lake or stream.

Ways to Handle Sex Dolls-Why Would Somebody Dispose of a Sex Doll?

You may be pondering why somebody would handle of a sex doll. After all, they are amazingly costly grown-up toys.
There are actually various reasons why someone would want to get rid of their dolls. For example, the longer one owns and uses an erotic doll, the more they become damaged.
In addition, the dolls may have broken frames or large cracks that the owner simply does not want to deal with. However, some people may want to get rid of sex dolls in order to make room for brand new playmates!
When it comes down to it, not everyone has enough room for a companion doll harem!

Ways to Handle Sex Dolls-5 Ways to Handle Sex Dolls

How to dispose of a sex doll is a major dilemma. I mean, throwing it in the trash isn’t the best idea in the world.
So, I’ve listed 5 ways to dispose of a sex doll. Plus, some of these ways can help you recoup some money, give you a tax break, or just do a good deed that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

1.Bury the dolls

Some doll owners develop close relationships with their life-size playmates. If this is the case for you, perhaps you would prefer to keep your doll closer to you.
Therefore, you may want to consider burying your doll. This way, you can visit their graves whenever you want.
However, make sure that you own the property where the doll is buried. That way, if you have to move, you won’t have to leave them behind.

2.Sell the Companion Doll

Another way to deal with sex dolls is to sell them. If the doll is repairable or still usable, it is all the more important to sell it.
Now, the best way to sell used sex dolls is to join a doll forum. Not only does the site offer everything a sex doll owner might want or need, but it also has a sales section.
However, before you can advertise using the sales section, you must make at least 5 posts. Additionally, you can advertise on other online sales sites that allow the sale of sex toys and adult products.
However, before selling your sex dolls, make sure you follow these instructions to the letter. This way, you will be able to get the highest price for your doll, while also ensuring that the next owner has a clean, sanitized doll.
Finally, if the body of your sex doll is completely damaged, don’t forget that many sex doll owners will purchase the head of a sex doll to use on their sex doll body! Therefore, sell the doll’s head and dispose of the doll body in a different way.

3.Another Selling Tip

If you decide to sell sex dolls, here is a helpful tip. When posting on any service site other than a doll forum, make sure you use the correct description.
For example, if you are posting in places like online forums or Craig’s List, use better wording so that your ad is not reported. Here’s a good example of writing:
“Life-size TPE (or silicone) mannequin doll, female, anatomically correct.” Then, be sure to list the brand, model number, and physical features such as hair and eye color, body type, and bust size.
Be aware that words such as “sex doll” are likely to trigger a warning and have your ad pulled immediately. Therefore, do not use words like “pussy,” “tits,” and “ass.”
I hope you understand!

4.Give It to a Friend

Not everyone wants to make money back from their investment in sex dolls. Therefore, if you want do, giving a sex doll to a friend is not a bad way to dispose of a sex doll.
In addition, close friends are more likely to happily accept used dolls. Plus, they may not be able to afford what you are giving them.
Just be sure to properly clean and sanitize the doll before giving it away. I mean, I’m sure you’re great friends, but not that close!

5.Sell or Donate to a Business or Non-profit Organization

Another way to deal with sex dolls is to contact local businesses. You see, there are many types of businesses and non-profit organizations that could use or benefit from life-size dolls.
On top of that, they may be able to purchase dolls from you. In the case of non-profit organizations, some donations are also tax deductible.

Ways to Handle Sex Dolls-How to Recycle Sex Dolls

Another way to dispose of sex dolls is to recycle them. This is because we don’t need to add another material to the landfill that is slow to degrade.
In addition, both silicone and TPE sex dolls can be recycled! But first, be sure to remove the skeleton and head of the doll.
Because the skeleton can also be recycled, the head can be sold. Here’s how to dispose of sex dolls through recycling.

1.Remove the Skeleton of the Doll

Before you can send a doll for recycling, you must first remove the skeleton of the doll. The best way to do this is to sell it to a scrap metal buyer and maybe make a few dollars.
This is because sex doll skeletons are made of steel, steel alloy or titanium. So check out a scrap yard near you to see what type of metal they accept and how much it costs per pound.
Then, use a sharp knife or cutter to slice around the joints of the sex doll. Next, once you have access to that joint, pull the appendage apart and remove it from the flesh.
Finally, continue doing this until you have removed the entire skeleton.

2.Recycled Silicone Love Dolls

Silicone is a biodegradable product. However, it takes many years for this material to return to the earth.
Therefore, it is best to find a silicone recycler to dispose of your love dolls quickly and properly. First, check to see if there is a recycling center near you that accepts silicone products.

3.How to Dispose of TPE Sex Dolls by Recycling

Believe it or not, TPE is a plastic that can be recycled. More specifically, TPE is classified as a #7 recyclable plastic.
So, contact your curbside recycling program or community recycler to see if they recycle #7 plastics.
Then, remove the skeleton of the TPE sex doll, cut the body into small pieces, and take them to a recycling center.
You’ve disposed of a sex doll while being kinder to our planet!

Ways to Handle Sex Dolls-How to Throw away Sex Dolls

Last but not least, you can simply throw away used sex dolls. However, there are some principles you must follow so as not to scare the trash collectors.
I mean, can you imagine picking up a garbage bag filled with very realistic human organs? The police would probably show up at your doorstep!
So, to avoid that, the first step is to dismember the doll and remove the skeleton. Then, wrap the body parts in a dark-colored garbage bag.
Then, write a simple note explaining what’s inside, and stick one on each trash bag. That way, anyone handling the trash won’t be intimidated.
Finally, if you’re afraid that your garbage man will find out your private little secret, then throw the sex dolls in the landfill or a public neighborhood dumpster.

Ways to Handle Sex Dolls-What to do Before Handling Sex Dolls

Now, there are several things that you should do before handling a sex doll, depending on the way you handle the doll.
So, here are some basic guidelines to follow.

Ways to Handle Sex Dolls-Before Giving, Selling or Donating Dolls

If you dispose of a sex doll by selling, giving away or donating it, you must make sure to do the following:

  • 1.If the sex doll has a removable vagina, throw it away. The new owner (if used for masturbation) can buy a new one.
  • 2.Wash the doll thoroughly, from head to toe. This way he/she will be new, clean and ready for the new owner.
  • 3.Repair any minor tears with a TPE repair kit or silicone repair kit. This way, you can give, sell, or donate a much nicer doll.
  • 4.Make sure the doll has been freshly powdered with baby powder or resurfacing powder so the skin is soft and not sticky.
  • 5.Finally, dress the doll in everyday types of clothing; that is, nothing too sexy.

Ways to Handle Sex Dolls-Finally:Handle Sex Dolls

When it comes down to it, there are many reasons why a person would want to know how to get rid of a sex doll. Regardless of the reason, it is important to properly dispose of a former playmate.
So whether you decide to sell the doll to make some money or donate it to anther place, you will be disposing of your sex doll the right way. Again, don’t do funny things or play pranks!
If you want to do this, keep your sex dolls, set up a social media channel, and have fun!

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