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1.Payment Guide – Add products to cart

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2.Payment Guide – Choose Checkout or Paypal to pay directly

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3.Payment Guide – Choose Paypal to pay directly(also credit card payment)

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4.Payment Guide – Select Checkout to continue and then paypal payment

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Secure Payment
What appears on your paypal or credit card statement?
We’ve taken great measures to ensure that when your paypal or credit card are charged it has NO mention of this website, or the products that you buy from us – we guarantee your complete privacy with all charges from us. What actually shows on your paypal or credit card statement is, “payment for your order#”.

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept PayPal and Credit Card as our payment method . We are working towards accepting more payment methods and currencies in future to make your shipping more convenient.

What currency is the price in?
USD, Euro, AUD, CAD and GBP as our currency.

Paypal — (< 1000USD)
Note: Note: Please make sure you key in the correct delivery address in the process of checkout, Otherwise the items you order will be sent out to your default PayPal address. If the single amount over 1000USD, we have the right to inspect and hold this amount for 3-5 days paypal investigation. We will process the order after the safty investigation.

Why the amount you received is less than what I paid in Bank?
Besides transaction fee in the bank you make transfer, also, there may be some third party Bank charging you in the process. That’s because if the bank in which you make payment has no business relationship with our bank, then payment may be sent to a third party bank first, and then send to our bank. If that happens, the third party will charge the transaction fee from the payment, so the payment time will be longer and the amount we receive will be less than the amount you pay.

Does smtaste charge any fees for credit card payments?
smtaste does not charge fees of any kind, but some credit card companies will charge a currency conversion fee. Please consult your credit card provider for more information.

How to find Expiration Date and Card Verification Code?
For your safety and security, you will be required to input your card’s verification code and Expiration Date while checkout with your credit card.If you are using Visa or MasterCard, Diners, Discover, your verification code is the last 3- digits of the number that appears on the back of your card in the signature bar. If you are using American Express, your verification code is a 4-digit number printed on the front of your card. It appears after and to the right of your card number.The Expiration Date lists in the front of the card.

Why Does My Payment Fail?
PayPal is blocking the purchase.

  • Your Credit Card or Debit Card issues (such as an invalid card, expired card, amount exceeds, the card is disabled, etc.)
  • Your Credit Card or Debit Card issues with International transactions (Ensure the buyer credit cards and debit
  • cards are allowed to buy online from overseas merchants)
  • If you are receiving a receipt error for a PayPal order then likely there is an issue with your PayPal funding source. Please contact PayPal.com support for more information.
    Credit/debit cards or billing address info. does not match that on file with the bank.
  • The credit card issuer may decline a charge if your provided billing address which is different from their information on file, such as incorrect account/billing details(card number, expiration date, billing zip code, CVV/CVC), purchase not authorized by the card owner, the cardholder’s spending habits, or expired credit card. The payment processor rejected the payment due to the anti-fraud billing address or card verification checks. In these cases, the payments are just in a pending state and have not been received by smtaste. Since the processor has not completed the transaction the funds will be rejected or will be automatically returned to your account within a few days.
  • Depending on the country in which you are located you might have to call your bank to check the limitations of your credit card account to authorize your credit card for online, cross-border or overseas transactions.
  • Please double check the credit card information you have entered and make sure your billing address matches this information exactly. If this is the case, you should contact your bank for additional assistance.

Your card is not supported.

  • Depending on the country in which you are located you might have to call your bank to authorize your credit card for online, cross-border or overseas transactions.
    If your payment won’t process with your PayPal account or you’re still having problems with your card, try:
  • Make the purchase again in a browser that’s in Incognito mode, or in a different browser, or
  • Changing your payment method at checkout, or use a different credit card or PayPal account, or
  • If none of these issues apply, please contact us with your order number(if there is), name and email address, error notification and the screenshot of the error, we will check the details and assist you in continuing the order.
  • Last but not least, note that you should be able to receive detailed information for any failed or successful transaction from your bank. If a payment fails, do not hesitate to contact your bank and request this information.

Our website employs the latest security measures to ensure that your personal data (name, address, credit card number) are all secure in the transmission to our website.We’ve never had an breaches, and we have a team dedicated to ensuring all security measures are kept up to date.