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Methods of Clean Anal Balls AQ31102

Methods of Clean Anal Balls

While it’s not the most glamorous topic to talk about, it’s important to start cleaning if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Chastity with an anal chastity device isn’t just about making sure your butt is prepared. You need to take care of your beads and make sure they don’t contain anything bad before putting them back into your body.

Methods of Clean Anal Balls-Cleaning Before Using The Anal Balls

The anal beads are inserted into the ass. While this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to you, it does mean that people can be a bit sensitive about this. In particular, people don’t like pooping on their hands or a toy.

Fortunately, this can be avoided by taking appropriate preparation before using beads. Going to the bathroom at least an hour before you start will leave your bowels very empty.Then shower, paying particular attention to the buttocks area to ensure it is completely clean. The final step for those who want to be extra careful is to use an enema to cleanse the first few inches of the rectum of any remaining debris.

With these simple steps you should be able to avoid most of the risks associated with contact with fecal matter. Despite thorough cleaning, you should never switch from anal play to vaginal play with a toy. Even bacteria present in a clean rectum can cause all sorts of nasty vaginal infections.Therefore, be sure to clean all objects after removing them from the anus and before inserting them into the vagina.

Methods of Clean Anal Balls-Cleaning Anal Balls

When it comes to cleaning the beads themselves, the cleaning method depends largely on their composition. There are two different categories that you need to know about. These are porous and non-porous materials.

Porous materials include materials such as rubber, jelly and latex. Therefore, special precautions must be taken to ensure their safety. Even after cleaning, bacteria can remain in the pores of these materials. Therefore, remove as many of them as possible.The best practice is to use warm water, not too hot otherwise the beads could melt, and use a good scrub. If you want to go even further, you can use a special antibacterial cleaner designed for use with sex toys.

Even with the greatest care, a porous anal balls will never be truly clean. This is especially true if the beads are connected a string, as the string will absorb even more bacteria than the beads. If you must use a set of porous anal beads, it is recommended to wear a condom over them to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Non-porous materials include steel, glass and silicone. These materials have a much larger surface area because their pores are not large enough to accommodate bacteria.However, they should be cleaned after use to remove bacteria from the surface of the beads. For non-porous toys, this can be achieved simply by boiling them if they are made of steel or glass, or in water as hot as possible if they are silicone. Again, a good scrub is required and you can use special sex toy cleaners if necessary.

Methods of Clean Anal Balls-Vibratory Anal Balls

If you have chosen a set of vibrating anal beads, you should take special care when cleaning them. To avoid the risk of electric shock, remove all batteries from the device. Additionally, they should not be completely submerged in water, otherwise the liquid could penetrate the electrical parts of the device and cause permanent damage.

Methods of Clean Anal Balls-Cleaning Your Anal Balls

Whether you clean your beads or not, it is important to make sure they are completely dry before storing them. You should also have a suitable storage location to avoid contamination between uses. However, it is recommended that you give them a quick wipe before use to ensure they are safe and ready for use.

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