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Measure A Chastity Cage AQ31002

Measure A Chastity Cage

Would you like to know how to measure a chastity cage? If so, then you are about to embark on your first BDSM adventure! It is therefore important to know the dimensions of the chastity cage in order to be able to assemble it correctly. So I’m going to show you how to properly measure your penis cage and why penis cage size is so important.

Types of Cages Suitable for a Chastity Cage

Knowing how to measure a chastity cage is just as important as choosing the right type of cage for you.Whether you choose your own cage or your family chooses one, there are different types of chastity cages to choose from. Consequently, the size of the chastity cage and the size of the rings vary depending on the material. Here are some of the types of chastity cages available:

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Silicone
  • Leather
  • Open-sided
  • Closed cages
  • Inverted chastity cages
  • Electro-shock cages
  • Cages with urethral plugs
  • Cages with sounding rods

Why is it worth measuring the chastity cage?

When measuring your chastity cage, make sure everything fits perfectly. Chastity cages are not meant to be as comfortable as your favorite underwear. No, they are meant to cause discomfort. However, installing a chastity cage should not cause chafing, blistering, or a disruption in blood flow to the penis.Simply put, the chastity device should be tight enough to prevent an erection.

How should a chastity cage fit?

The chastity cage consists of a ring that encloses both the testicles and the penis. This is why measuring your chastity device is crucial. Second, the cage is designed to enclose the penis from base to tip, leaving only a small space around the shaft for air circulation.So, with the right size chastity device, you should be able to pee and do other activities throughout the day. However, it should not be possible to get an erection.

And that’s the real idea of ​​purity, right?

Measuring for a Chastity Cage: Chastity Cage Size

Measure A Chastity Cage
Measure A Chastity Cage AQ31002 1

The size of the chastity cage you buy depends on 2 chastity cage sizes; just the cage and the ring. Therefore, measure the length and girth of your penis to determine the perfect fit for your chastity device. And don’t worry! Chastity cages come in all sizes, from small to large. So whether you are short and fat or long and thin, you will find the ideal chastity cage size.

The Importance of Ring Size

The size of the chastity cage ring is just as important, if not more important, than the size of the cage. This is because the ring encloses the penis and testicles. If the ring is too small, it can cut off circulation in both directions and cause permanent damage. Therefore, by choosing the appropriate size of the chastity cage, you determine the appropriate diameter of the ring yourself.
In fact, chastity cage rings are available in a variety of diameters, so you can attach your chastity cage perfectly and securely.Fortunately, many manufacturers are now making it easier to properly fit a chastity cage by including different ring sizes in a single cage set. However, more unusual penis cage sets are a little more expensive. So if you’re just starting out with a chastity cage, you may want to keep the cost to a minimum until you know which type of cage you prefer.

Preparation and accessories

Now we will show you how to measure your chastity cage. First, you need to make sure your penis is completely flaccid. It’s also helpful if you haven’t just showered or been exposed to cold water. Next, you will need the following materials to get the correct chastity cage size:

  • String or thick rope
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • 12 inch ruler (or larger)
  • Calculator (if you are not the best at math)

Think Remember: You need a thicker rope or rope because the chastity cage rings are thick. This will simply give you a more accurate circumference measurement.Additionally, using a flat ruler to measure is the most effective way to determine the correct chastity cage size. This is because tape measures are not completely flat.

Measure A Chastity Cage-Step 1: Measure your ring size

Measure A Chastity Cage
Measure A Chastity Cage AQ31002 2

The first step in measuring your chastity cage is choosing the appropriate ring size. So make sure you’re completely slack – imagine Aunt Ethel wearing nothing but compression socks – whatever it takes. Then take a piece of string and place it behind your testicles. Wrap the rope until it touches the tip of your penis.
Now make a loose knot in the string, being careful not to tighten it too tightly.You should be able to slide your pinky finger under the string with little resistance. Then, when you’re sure the rope is tight, mark one side of the knot with a marker. Then carefully cut the rope along the drawn line. Finally, place the string on the ruler with a knot at the end.
You already have the circuit.You then have to divide this number by 3.14 (pi) and get the diameter, i.e. the size of the chastity cage ring.
Tips for Measuring Your Chastity Ring:
It’s best to do this three times to get the most accurate chastity ring size. For example, measure once in the morning, once at midday and again in the evening. Since our body measurements change depending on the time of day, an optimal fit of the chastity cage is guaranteed.Then add the 3 measurements together and divide by 3. Then divide that number by 3.14.

Measure A Chastity Cage-Step 2: Measure the length of the chastity cage

Measure A Chastity Cage
Measure A Chastity Cage AQ31002 3

Now measure the length of the chastity cage. Remember, you don’t want to leave room for an erection. And when the tip of the penis touches the tip of the cage, urination becomes easier and less messy! Again, make sure your penis is completely flaccid to get the best chastity breast size.
Place the ruler under the penis, over the testicles, and press it against the pubic bone.Look down and note the length of your penis. Next, to allow a wee bit of breathing room, add ¼ to 1/2” to that measurement. That’s it!
However, as mentioned during the ring measurement tips, it’s best to do this 3 times. Then, add those numbers together and divide the total by 3.This allows for the most accurate measurement of the chastity cage.

Measure A Chastity Cage-Step 3: How to Measure Diameter

Measure A Chastity Cage
Measure A Chastity Cage AQ31002 4

The final step in measuring the chastity cage is to measure the circumference of your penis. This is to ensure an optimal fit of the chastity cage. Now make sure your penis is still soft, look inside and find the thickest part of your penis. Keep in mind that it can be located in the middle or even closer to the glands.
Next, as with the ring measurement, wrap a piece of string around the thickest part of the penis.Tie a loose knot so you can easily slide your index finger under the rope. Now mark the thread on one side of the knot and slide it out of the penis. Then cut the thread with scissors.
Finally, place the thread on the ruler with the knot facing up. Then take that number and divide it by pi (3.14) and you’ll get the diameter needed for the most secure fit of the chastity cage.Again, measuring your chastity structure three times and then dividing that number by 3 will give you the most accurate measurement.

Measure A Chastity Cage-Chastity Cage Dimensions: Reliable Chastity Cage Size

Now that you know how to measure a chastity cage, you can be sure that the model you choose for you or your home is perfect. However, if you are a little nervous about the dimensions and sizes, there are chastity cage sets that offer different ring sizes. So if you have the right penis size, you can easily swap rings.

Measure A Chastity Cage-Measure three times and do the math to get the perfect chastity cage fit!

The Chastity cage measurement is easy to perform and ensures a perfect fit. This is especially true if you take three measurements at different intervals throughout the day. Then simply divide these three measurements and do the remaining calculations. In this way, the chastity cage keeps your penis under control without restricting blood circulation or causing irritation.
Finally your cage experience should be the way you want it to be! So measure three times and do the math to get the perfect chastity cage fit.

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