1.Are packages shipped discretely?
Yes,they are shipped in a plain envelope or box. Apart from your name and address just the return PO Box is listed on the return of the package in case of failed delivery.

2.If I pay for my order using a credit card, how will it show up on my credit card statement?
It will show up as shenzhen orange Ltd – no reference to the smtaste will be seen on your credit card statement.

3.What kind of Payment Methods do you accept?
We accept Credit Card Payment through PayPal, Direct Debit to our Bank Account, US Bank Check, EFT and Money Order. Please indicate your preferred payment method during checkout.

4.Do you keep my Credit Card and other personal financial details on your website?
No. All transactions are encrypted and processed electronically and automatically via a secure server. We never see your credit card details – they are processed by an approved third party provider. There is no data retained at all by smtaste.com and there is no evidence of any transactions having taken place. No human eyes can view any of the information exchanged between you and the server.

5.Why are your prices cheaper than we can buy the same products in the stores?

At smtaste we aim to please. As we are not paying rental or sales staff we pass on those discounts to you. Our online prices are substantially cheaper than in-store prices.

6.Do you do custom work?
Our prices are low compared to most of our competitors as the products sold are bulk produced. Should you wish something custom made please contact us for a quote.

7.I want to place an order with you but fear being added to postal mailing lists.
We don’t do any postal mailing except for your actual orders. So you won’t have to worry about receiving any kind of paper or junk mail from us.

8.I am a model and would like to send some photo’s for you to show.
We have a blog site that we are happy to post your photo’s to. Please contact us for details.

9.What is your policy regarding returns?
Click here to see our return and exchange policy.