Gear Essentials Sizing Guide

The Measure Of A Man:How To Guarantee A Perfect FitCock Rings To fit properly, a cock ring should be loose enough to get on and off with a minimum of effort, but a bit snug to work its magic once the blood starts pumping. To measure yourself for a cock ring, take a string and […]

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Questions and Answers about male chastity

Why would a man wear a chastity device? The average man would immediately reject the notion of wearing such a device, as it represents both a loss of something dearly important, as well as unnecessary and uncomfortable. But after the initial reaction, some men become curious. Men who think they may have a sexual-related problem […]

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Full Male Chastity

BDStyle, Brutus Male Steel Chastity With Sprinkler XXL

BDStyle, Brutus Male Steel Chastity With Sprinkler XXL, CBT Play for Hung MenBRUTUS is sure to be kept in his placeThis is a chastity cage for the largest of dicks. With a massive 50mm cock ring to ensure that even the monsters can be caged with ease and comfort. Quality crafted surgical steel and quite […]

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How To Use 3 Heads Enema Shower Vaginal Anal Cleaner

This is a very neat enema system. Its douche/enema nozzle is outfitted for use as a shower attachment.The Shower Enema Kit comes with 3 nozzles.One end of the hose screws into your shower, the other end is where you attach your choice of nozzle.Where the Shower Enema Kit connects with your shower it has a […]

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Cock Rings FAQ

1. What is a cock ring? A cock ring is a ring or strap that is worn around the base of the penis and scrotum. A smaller ring can also be worn just around the base of the penis. Cock rings may be made of metal, rubber, cloth, or leather and may be solid or […]

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